Louisiana Seafood
Promotion & Marketing Board

In 1984, Louisiana created the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board to support Louisiana's world-class commercial fisheries industry. The Board is composed of members appointed by Louisiana’s lieutenant governor, representing each of the varied sectors of the seafood industry.

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The LSPMB has a simple goal: to foster healthier profits for the Louisiana Seafood industry at every point along the supply chain, because the Louisiana Seafood industry is one worth supporting.

Our approach begins with keeping dockside business vital and energetic and continues through processors, distributors, brokers, buyers and retailers. Ultimately, the consumer gladly pays for our products in a grocery, restaurant or fish market.

The purpose is simple: The industry as a whole is constantly making investments in modernization, traceability and sustainability to ensure the delivery of a premium product both now and well into the future. And as an industry leader, Louisiana Seafood and the LSPMB want to lead this charge. 

The LSPMB will continue to support programs designed to improve the perceived value and resulting margin on Louisiana Seafood through consumer and trade advertising. What follows are programs developed to support Louisiana Seafood suppliers' sales efforts.

Our Programs

These programs are being developed and launched by the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board—click to learn how each could benefit your bottom line.

Brand & Assets

The Louisiana Seafood Brand:
Plenty to Celebrate

Our brand is built on three pillars that illustrate what is most important to the creation and enjoyment of our seafood.


Louisiana boasts a network of waterways including two alluvial deltas, rich estuaries, brackish bayous and lakes meeting the Gulf of Mexico.


Because of this, Louisiana produces a volume and variety of superior seafood unlike anything found elsewhere.


In a state that is renowned for its celebratory nature, turning a meal into a social event is the norm. Louisiana delights in its plentiful seafood—but never more so than when celebrating it with others.

Brand Assets

Our collection of brand assets illuminates the Louisiana Seafood brand and its pillars of Ecology, Abundance and Celebration. From our logo and tagline to our style guide and imagery, these elements communicate who we are and what we stand for as a brand and as a business.

We've made these elements available to our partners so that we can all benefit from Louisiana Seafood's brand value.

Plenty to Celebrate